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“A relationship crisis causes us to do important inner business”

Bringing Couples Together

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At Melbourne Couples Counselling, we offer couples the guidance, support and expertise to reconnect and rebuild their relationship.

couples counselling

Couples Counselling Helps Couples Work Through Their Most Challenging Issues

Couples counselling can be a confronting journey, however, when couples begin to honestly address their issues, unravel the layers of miscommunication and unresolved tensions that have long hindered their relationship, they can gain a deeper understanding of each other and develop genuine growth and connection.

why couples seek relationship counselling

Couples often find themselves reaching out for professional couples counselling when they are confronted with deep-seated issues that have drained them both emotionally and mentally.

The aftermath of betrayal, particularly stemming from an affair, can leave partners feeling utterly shattered and lost.

In such circumstance, seeking guidance from a trained professional can provide a safe space for both partners to navigate through their hurt and work towards healing and rebuilding trust.

Moreover, some couples realize that over the years, their relationship has lost its spark, leaving them feeling empty of love and romantic fulfilment.

This recognition can be both disheartening and frightening; however, it also serves as a crucial turning point in which seeking couples counselling becomes a proactive step towards rediscovering intimacy and reigniting passion

by addressing these underlying issues under the guidance of a professional couples therapist, couples have the opportunity to revitalize their connection and move forward in life happier together.

Despite the difficulties couples experience, they often realize that their love remains intact, even though its buried under layers of unresolved issues.

It’s often this recognition that motivates them towards seeking help through relationship counselling.

This decision stems from a painful realization that their relationship is on the edge and could suffer irreparable damage unless they get help asap.

The shift to seeking help signifies not weakness, but a commitment to salvaging what remains of their bond and rebuild their relationship from the inside out.

Their decision to pursue relationship counselling is frequently motivated by the understanding that unless they receive professional help promptly, their marriage and family may crumble.

In reaching out for help, couples open themselves up to possibilities where healing can overcome barriers such as ego, misunderstandings, and troubling behaviours, thus finding a positive path forward together.

Common Issues Couples Experience are…

Communication challenges;
Shutting down and withdrawal;
Relationship trauma;
Addictions – alcohol, drugs, sex;
‘Emotional Divorce’;
Betrayal Issues;
Mental health issues;
Trust issues, insecurities;
One person has changed over time;
Parenting differences;
Separation or divorce;
Love but not in love;
Sexual and intimacy disconnection;
Constant conflict and bickering;
In-laws or family disharmony;
Financial distress;
Power struggles;
Jealousy and/or control.
Angry escalations;
Emotional and physical disconnection;

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