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Online Couples Counselling

Couples today are embracing the convenience and accessibility of online couple counselling. Utilizing platforms such as Zoom, has allowed many to access professional help from the comfort of their own homes.

The virtual nature of online couples counselling also offers a sense of privacy and confidentiality that some couples find appealing and convenient.

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Is Online/Telehealth Couples Counselling Beneficial?

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What’s the process for online Couples Counselling?

Online couples counselling mirrors traditional video conferencing setups. From the comfort of your own home, or other location, you connect with the couples counsellor through a secure platform such as Zoom. The essentials for this include a stable internet connection, a good microphone, a camera, and computer setup.

An appointment is scheduled and near to the day of the appointment you will receive an email that has a link to Zoom. Instructions on how to log into Zoom will be in the appointment email.

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Is it okay to do online couples counselling if your and your partner are in different locations?

Certainly, online couples counselling offers the option of group sessions. This feature proves beneficial especially for couples in long-distance relationships, when one partner is away on travel or working away. This is also good to use during a period of separation where the aim is to explore possibilities of reconciliation.

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What are some of the benefits of Online/Zoom Couples Counselling?

An interesting development we’ve noticed in recent years is the increasing number of men participating in online couples counselling. This trend can be attributed to the convenience of accessing counselling services remotely.

Unlike traditional in-person sessions, which require more effort to attend, online couples counselling allows couples to engage from the comfort of their own environment. Additionally, it has been observed that both partners feel more empowered and vocal during online sessions compared to face-to-face appointments.

Other benefits include the saving of money as their are not travel expenses; childcare is not an issue as the kids are there in the house with you; it’s easier for both people to actually make the appointment together; if one partner travels or is away they can still attend the session; often couples are more open and communicative online.

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