Pre-Marriage Counselling

Premarriage couples counselling offers a platform for couples to deepen their comprehension of their relationship dynamics, individual personalities, strengths, and areas for personal growth.

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By enhancing the existing bond of affection and equipping yourselves with the necessary resources and expertise, you can fortify your partnership to navigate life’s journey as a more resilient couple.

A Good to Great marriage and family is a timeless investment

Our Pre-Marriage Education Course Topics Include……

Family history and its good and bad influence.
Conflict resolution skills.

Communication Styles and Differences;

Each partners life goals and ambitions.
Communication styles and differences.
Home life responsibilities.
Children and parenting assumptions.
Sex, intimacy and affection.
Friends and social life.
Financial assumptions and expectations as well as career and work ambitions.

The Pre-Marriage Education sessions are a single two hour appointment with just the couple and the marriage counsellor. These sessions are available during the day, week-day evenings or Saturday’s.

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