Family therapy

Moving Families Forward Better Together

What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy offers a unique approach to addressing emotional issues by involving the whole family (if appropriate) in the healing process.

By examining individual thoughts and behaviours within the context of family dynamics, together we can uncover deep-rooted patterns that may contribute to family conflicts.

This collaborative approach aims to harness the strengths and resources within the family unit, fostering a sense of togetherness towards finding solutions.

Moreover, family therapy provides an opportunity for families to reconnect and rebuild relationships that may have become strained over time.

Through open communication and exploring shared experiences, family members can gain insights int each other’s perspectives, leading to greater understanding and empathy.

by working together towards common goals, families can cultivate healthier ways of interacting and coping with challenges they face.

Adult child-Parent Estrangement

Starting the journey to reconnect and understand estrangement

In many families, a deafening silence lingers, one that separates parents from their adult children.

This unspoken rift stems from deep-rooted complexities, leaving wounds unaddressed and relationships fractured.

Breaking this silence is the first step towards healing – a journey of understanding and reconciliation.

The Roots of Estrangement

Estrangement often comes about from miscommunication, unmet expectations, and longstanding conflicts that ripple through generations. As a specialised family therapy service, we support bridging the gap between family members to healing this emotional divide.

Opening Doors to Dialogue

Family members are warmly welcomed into a compassionate environment, setting the tone for open dialogue and mutual respect – essential foundations for navigating the path to reconciliation.

Building Bridges, Mending bonds

We offer a tailored therapy session focused on each family’s unique dynamics, history and issues.

By fostering empathy and deepening understanding, these sessions can equip families with invaluable tools to heal wounds, smooth over grievances, and ultimately rebuild these important bonds.

Journey Through Healing

While fostering mutual understanding, the family therapy sessions require some emotional vulnerability and commitment from everyone in the family.

Confronting past traumas can be daunting, presenting a significant hurdle on this journey, whilst at the same time offering an equally significant opportunity towards reconciliation.

The Path Forward

Healing together demands courage and commitment. Let understanding and empathy guide all family members towards renewed family connection and bonds.

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